"A northern soul in southern lands will always find its way to southern hands."


All I want is education, and I am afraid of no one
Malala Yousafzai

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Kevin Hayes scores his first career NHL goal. Rick Nash retrieves the puck.

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We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

This guy knows his shit on how to kiss a girl.

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If these past two weeks have taught me anything, it’s that I have really wonderful friends who I love and love me back.

One of my favorite photos with two of my favorite people 😘 @rhymeswithparis @rickyhernandez21

One of my favorite photos with two of my favorite people 😘 @rhymeswithparis @rickyhernandez21

My surname is very difficult to pronounce. My friend once asked me: “Do you know why everyone knows your surname? Because it is completely unpronounceable!”

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Ben Whishaw Week: Day 4

↳Favourite pairing



things girls do that I love:

  • offer their friends sips of their coffee drinks without being asked
  • scratch each others back
  • say things like “smell this lotion I bought this weekend”
  • compliment each other’s eyebrows 
  • that thing when they agree with you and their eyes get really wide and they nod their head solemnly 
  • throw out each others gum wrappers or chip bags when they get up 

I feel this

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